The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan - 'What's the One Thing You Can Do Such by Doing It ...

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The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan - 'What's the One Thing You Can Do Such by Doing It Everything Else Becomes Easier or Unnecessary?' Door Mind Map: The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan - 'What's the One Thing You Can Do Such by Doing It Everything Else Becomes Easier or Unnecessary?'


1.1. Gary's Team was doing 3 things a week and wasn't working, cut it down to 2 and then to 1 thing per week

1.1.1. As a result company grew 40% year on year

1.2. 'Go Small'

1.2.1. All things do not matter equally and BIG SUCCESS comes from doing a few SMALL things right BIG leads to Overwhelm and Impatience, Small Leads to Action and Momentum

1.3. 'The Domino Effect'

1.3.1. One domino can topple a domino that is 50% lager

1.3.2. Success is sequential - it's knocking down one domino that has the potential (and momentum) to knock down the next one that's 50% bigger If we can put our dominos in the right order, we can achieve amazing things!

1.4. We See 'The One Thing' Everywhere

1.4.1. One Product/ Service KFC - one chicken recipe Intel - Microprocessors Starbucks - Coffee Sequential: Star Wars - $4.4bn from Movies and $10bn from Merchandise - The MOVIES made the Merchandise Possible Halo: Apple - Steve Jobs from 1998 - 2012 cut down the Apple Product Line and Focussed on Macs - then iMacs - then iTunes - then iPods - then iPhones - creating a 'Halo Effect' so people adopted the 'Apple Family' of Products

1.4.2. One Person No-one is Self-Made Walt Disney needed Roy Disney Sam Walton had L S Robson who helped him open the first Walmart Einstein had Max Talmud as a Mentor Oprah had Jeffrey D. Jacobs - her lawyer who advised her to start Harpo Lennon/ McCartney and the Beatles had George Martin

1.4.3. One Passion/ One Skill Gilbert Tuhobonye and Running - Started the Gazelle Foundation for Water Wells - Your One Thing can Allow You to Give Back

1.4.4. One Life Bill and Melinda Gates knew they could only help the world in one way in this one life, focussed all of their efforts to eradicate diseases by immunising people in poor areas through their foundation 'What's the place you can have the BIGGEST impact with your money?'

1.4.5. One Thing There's so many options and opportunities in today's world that it's hard to choose one thing - which is why it's even more important to do so!


2.1. Stephen Colbert - 'Truthiness' - When we believe what's commonly true when it's not actually true - eg. if you place a frog in water and raise the temperature, it will boil to death - NOT ACTUALLY TRUE

2.1.1. Likewise, many such 'Truthiness' statements about success, productivity etc

2.1.2. There's 6 main 'Truthinesses' between you and success

2.2. 1. Everything Matters Equally

2.2.1. Everything in our life is based on choice and the most important question is 'what's a good choice?' We make what's urgent most important when this rule doesn't always hold true - "The things that matter most don't always scream the loudest' - Bob Dawke

2.2.2. Achievers do Sooner what Others do Later Most To-Do Lists are actually just survival lists!

2.2.3. To-Do Lists vs. Succes Lists To-Do Lists are Long Pulls You in ALL Directions Success Lists are Short! Pulls You in ONE Direction

2.2.4. Juran (GM) Code Breaker and Pareto Principle Both Proved 80/20 Principle Extreme Pareto Takes this One Step Further to Find the ONE Thing to Do - the 20% of the 20%! Learning Guitar - Practicing Scales - Practicing ONLY the Minor Blues Scale -with that could play lots of Clapton and Gibbons

2.3. 2. Multitasking

2.3.1. We can do 2 things at once (walk and eat) but we can only FOCUS on 1 thing at a time

2.4. 3. A Disciplined Life

2.5. 4. Willpower is always on Will-Call

2.6. 5. A Balanced Life

2.7. 6. Big is Bad