Inventors & Inventions

Inventors and Inventions

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Inventors & Inventions Door Mind Map: Inventors & Inventions

1. Working in Groups

1.1. Did you work well in your group?

1.1.1. Did your group work efficiently and get things done on time?

1.2. Did you put forth as much effort as the other students in your group?

1.2.1. Did everyone work as a team to accomplish the task given?

2. Have You Created a Tool/Object?

2.1. Can it solve real world problems?

2.2. Are you confident in what you created?

3. How Did Your Group Presentation Go?

3.1. Were you confident in your invention?

3.2. Did everyone in your group participate in the presentation?

4. Using Failure as a Learning Experience

4.1. Have you strived to succeed even after facing failure?

4.2. Did you learn from past mistakes?