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ASP Door Mind Map: ASP

1. Staff Responsibilities

1.1. Senior Rec Lead

1.1.1. Unlocks doors and Chromebook Carts

1.1.2. Checks in on Rec Leads

1.1.3. Makes sure that rooms are locked, clean, and Chromebooks are plugged in

1.1.4. Academic Monitoring of Students

1.2. ASP Coordinator

1.2.1. Unlocks and Locks up the Rooms (checks Chromebooks)

1.2.2. Oversees the implementation of the program Are components of the program working well? How can the program be improved?

1.2.3. Makes sure that attendance is taken Management of the Attendance Sheets

1.2.4. Grant Requirements Reporting of Attendance 20:1 ratio Budget

1.2.5. Budgeting Clubs ESAs are signed for the teacher Keep track of how much money is spent on personnel

1.2.6. Food Reporting of meal distribution to Claudine

1.3. Rec Lead

1.3.1. HW Hour

1.3.2. Activities

1.3.3. Clipboard w/ Resources

1.3.4. Walkie Talkie

2. Operations

2.1. Procedures

2.1.1. Meals Procedures for distribution of food Documentation of Food Distribution

2.1.2. Homework Hour Not Yet Proficient List (sharing) Structure of HW Hour Entering the classroom Checking out and in Chromebooks Behavior Behavioral Issues Behavioral Steps in Google Slideset Contract

2.1.3. Activity Time Need to create structured activities

2.1.4. Meetings Mondays Appreciations What is going well? Any Issues? Group problem-solving

2.2. Clubs

2.2.1. Collect ESAs and Sign-ins from teachers

2.3. ED-RTI Activities

2.3.1. Volleyball

2.3.2. Basketball

2.3.3. Soccer

2.3.4. Board Games

2.4. Schedule

2.4.1. MIT M/Tu/Th 3:38 - 4:00 pm 4:00 pm - 5 pm 5 pm - 6 pm Wed/Friday Club Day 2:30 - 3:30 3:30 - 4 pm 4 - 6 pm Wed/Fri

2.4.2. GA

3. Onboarding of New ASP Coordinator

3.1. 1/.2 Day Onboarding on Oct. 29th

3.1.1. Mission of GTA

3.1.2. Focus on Relationships

3.1.3. Team building

3.1.4. RTI (informational)

3.2. Operations

3.2.1. Safety First Aid CPR

3.2.2. Grant Management ASES Grant Guidelines 20:1 Ratio HW Component Reporting of Attendance

3.2.3. Food Handling and documentation Claudine Ayers

3.2.4. Classroom Management Deb Powers

3.2.5. Budgeting Dave Vigo

3.2.6. Overall Program Autumn Michael Alex

3.2.7. Online Resources Google Classroom Attendance and Student Information ASP Coordinator Documents Policies and Procedures