The Camorra (Las Vegas)

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The Camorra (Las Vegas) Door Mind Map: The Camorra (Las Vegas)

1. Remo Falcone: Capo of the Camorra

1.1. Serafina (Mione) Falcone: Wife of Remo Falcone

1.1.1. Nevio Falcone: son of Remo and Serafina Falcone, future Capo of the Camorra

1.1.2. Greta Falcone: daughter of Remo and Serafina Falcone

1.2. C.J.: prostitute employed at the Sugar Trap

1.3. Stefano: Underboss of Kansas City, former romancer of the Camorra

1.4. Roger: owner of Roger's Arena

1.4.1. Antonia "Toni": daughter of Roger (the owner of Roger's Arena) and Gemma's best friend

2. Nino Falcone: Consigliere of the Camorra

2.1. Kiara (Vitiello) Falcone: Wife of Nino Falcone

2.1.1. Alessio Falcone: oldest son of Nino and Kiara Falcone, heir to Nino Falcone (to become Consigliere)

2.1.2. Massimo Falcone: son of Nino and Kiara Falcone, younger brother to Alessio Falcone

3. Savio Falcone: Soldier of the Camorra

3.1. Gemma (Bazzoli) Falcone: wife of Savio Falcone

3.2. Diego Bazzoli: Soldier and friend of Savio Falcone

4. Fabiano Scuderi: Enforcer of the Camorra

4.1. Leona (Hall) Scuderi: Fabiano Scuderi's wife, studying to become a lawyer

4.1.1. Aurora Scuderi: daughter of Fabiano and Leona Scuderi

4.1.2. Melissa Hall: Prostitute/Drug addict and Leona Hall's mother

5. Adamo: Soldier of the Camorra