Autism/Vaccine Link

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Autism/Vaccine Link Door Mind Map: Autism/Vaccine Link

1. Dr. Andrew Wakefield + 1998 study

1.1. Retracted study from the journal Lancet

1.2. Medical license taken away

1.3. Inconsistencies with experiment- no control group, very few subjects, lawyer was paid off, and more

2. Increased autism diagnosis

2.1. Increased awareness of autism

2.2. Changing definition of autism

3. Institute of Medicine and Center for Disease Control investigate, no connection found

4. Vaccine ingredients

4.1. Thimerosal taken out of childhood vaccines in US market in 2001

4.1.1. Had no effect on autism diagnosis

4.1.2. Journal of American Medical Association found no link with autism and thimerosal containing vaccines

5. Cause(s) of autism

5.1. Advanced paternal age

5.2. Fetal brain exposure to certain agents

5.3. Genetic factors

6. Autism presents itself the same time that vaccines are administered

7. Effects:

7.1. Small measles outbreaks

7.2. Distrust in scientific community/doctors/authority