Chief Academic Officer

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Chief Academic Officer Door Mind Map: Chief Academic Officer

1. Supervision and Career Development

1.1. Supervision

1.1.1. Teachers Evaluations Observations

1.1.2. Academic Advising Office Academic Advisor Registrar

1.1.3. Student Services Deans MS Dean HS Dean Campus Supervisor Behavior Intervention Specialist

1.2. Career Development

1.2.1. Professional Development English Learners Common Core AVID Other PLCs-RtI

1.2.2. Professional Library

1.2.3. Professional Goals (Teachers)

2. Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction

2.1. Academics

2.1.1. Courses Final Exam Schedule AP Courses UC A-G Course sequence English math

2.1.2. Financial Aid Cash for College

2.1.3. Curriculum Pacing Guides Syllabi

2.2. Common Core Implementation

2.2.1. Math Math Plan

2.2.2. English Language-Arts Provide PD for common core implementation articulate courses to prepare for SCC capstone courses

2.2.3. Common Core Implementation Coordinator 1. Effective Use of Common Core Strategies - observes classrooms during this prep period to provide coaching on common core strategies and procedures (Cornell notes, marking the text, effective use of questions in class, use of collaborative structures for effective discussions, etc). Cornell Notes Deep reading strategies Effective discussions Tools 2. Coordinates the Vertical Alignment of English Curricula for Common Core Standard 3. Provides Professional Development during faculty meetings (could be with the help of other teachers) for common core strategies. (this would be mostly AVID, although not necessarily exclusively AVID). May want to determine what series of strategies makes sense? 4. Analyzes PLC plan and provides recommendations for how to structure interventions (or how to clarify what they are doing) or perhaps how to make the common assessments more conducive to the common core standards. 5. Observes some PLCs in action for feedback (basically, what you would be doing this year)? Support Jessica Mautner can provide training

2.3. Summer School

2.4. Educational Technology

2.5. CAPP Grant Implementation

2.5.1. Data Collection Explore data connection with the Institute for Evidence Based Change Determine what baseline data to collect Work out tech issues with Accuplacer, if any

2.5.2. English and Math Identify teachers for the support courses Consider a black hole program to complement ST Math

2.5.3. Technology Prepare list of certifications anc hart of potential collaborations with SCC, including possible online courses Prepare chart of tech pathways and potential next courses with SCC Investigate requirements for CISCO Academy Certification

3. Development of a College Readiness Culture

3.1. Advisory

3.1.1. Current Fs

3.1.2. Code of Honor

3.1.3. Accountability Partners

3.2. Events

3.2.1. Hour of Code

3.2.2. College Dress Day

3.2.3. College Prep/Senior Lock-in Day

3.2.4. Rallies Global Climate Change Gun Violence

3.2.5. Honor Roll Assemblies

3.3. AVID

3.3.1. Site Plan

3.3.2. Certification SS

4. Goals

4.1. WASC

4.2. Strategic Plan

4.3. High Reliability Schools

4.3.1. Safe and Collaborative Culture

4.3.2. Instructional Strategies

4.3.3. Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

4.3.4. Mastery-based Grading

4.3.5. Competency Based Achievement

4.4. CAPP

5. Academic Support and Monitoring

5.1. RtI

5.1.1. Not Yet Proficient List Email Student Take control of your learning! Email Teacher Utilize more formative assessments Utilize more pair-groups and small group opportunities for students to solve problems together Build time into class for tutoring while students work on a project Use an Exit Ticket to determine if students have learned the concept. Assign to tutoring for ED-RTI Email Parent Ask students to show you their... Encourage students to... Study Environment Email the teacher and ask for how they can support their child in the class

5.1.2. EB-RTI

5.1.3. ED-RTI

5.2. Special Ed

5.3. Achievement Data

5.3.1. ST Math

5.3.2. Study Island

5.3.3. PSAT/SAT AP Potential SOAS (Summary of Answers and Skills_

5.3.4. AP

5.3.5. ELPAC

5.4. Positive Behavioral Intervention Strategies

5.5. Student Services

5.5.1. Behavioral Pyramid B-RTI

5.5.2. Academic Pyramid

5.6. ASP

5.7. PLCs

5.8. Assessments

5.8.1. Smarter Balance Assessment IAB Specific IAB Coordinate with math, English, science, and social studies Summative Assessemnt

5.8.2. CSTs - EAP

5.8.3. PSAT

5.8.4. SAT

5.8.5. ASVAB

6. Miscellaneous

6.1. Safety Plan

6.2. Faculty Handbook

6.3. SARC Report

6.4. Scheduling

6.4.1. New Idea

6.5. Events

6.5.1. Multicultural Day New Idea