Modal Verbs

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Modal Verbs Door Mind Map: Modal Verbs

1. Must

1.1. It indicates an obligation, prohibition or requirement

1.2. Ej: You must [have to] brush your teeth two times a day.

2. Ought to

2.1. It is a synonym of should

2.2. Ej: She ought to quit smoking.

3. Should

3.1. Indicates an obligation or recommendation

3.2. Ej: I should call my parents more often.

4. Will

4.1. To form the future tense

4.2. Ej: We will learn English.

5. Might

5.1. To indicate possibilities in the present or in the future

5.2. Ej: I would bring an umbrella, it might rain later.

6. May

6.1. To indicate future possibilities

6.2. Ej: It may be better to finish this now, rather than wait until tomorrow.

7. Could

7.1. It indicates skill or ability in the past

7.2. Ej: It could have been worse.

8. Would

8.1. To declare a preference and to ask for something politely

8.2. Ej: I would like a beer and my wife would like a glass of wine please.

9. Can

9.1. Indicates skill or chance

9.2. Ej: I can speak five languages.

10. Shall

10.1. To form the future tense politely

10.2. Ej: Chris shall be happy to see you.