Angela's Ashes

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Angela's Ashes por Mind Map: Angela's Ashes

1. Plot

1.1. Sequence

1.1.1. A combination of flashbacks and chronological order.

1.2. Conflict

1.2.1. Individuals Vs Individuals. Individual Vs. Technology (due to religion) Individual Vs. Herself

1.3. Climax

1.3.1. Audrey taking over the house Ellie's death

1.4. Resolution

1.4.1. The narrator thinking about her dead mother/ thinking about her dream. Not resolved, non ending, because the narrator and Flora live.

2. Style & Structure

2.1. The writer immediately throws the reader into the story. The book is like a collection of events that were glued together, told by the mother to the narrator. The narrator tells them to the reader.

2.2. The writer doesn't really describe the things happening but merely states them.

2.3. The writer does however clearly describe the characters when they first appear in the story.

2.4. The narrator describes her feeling towards characters. Especially her feelings towards Flora.

3. Setting

3.1. Time

3.1.1. Unknown. Definitely quite some time ago.

3.2. Space

3.2.1. A farm somewhere in the countryside

3.2.2. The country itself is unknown

4. Point of view

4.1. 1st person

4.1.1. A female narrator. (The narrator comments on characters etc. This narrator doesn't really know the characters. The narrator uses words like I/ me which clearly indicate the 1st person perspective.)

4.1.2. The narrator is the daughter of Flora Grieves' friend. (The teacher's daughter)

5. Figurative language

5.1. Repetition

5.1.1. Sometimes when characters are named, they are described directly after, even when we already know what they look like. 'Ellie, with her long skinny body....'

5.2. Simile

5.2.1. Flora is compared to a queen and a maiden lady

5.3. Use of dialogue

5.3.1. The narrator 'states' dialogue and often includes her opinion after this dialogue part.

6. Themes

6.1. Religion

6.2. Tension/hatred

6.3. Pregnancy

6.4. Death

6.5. Money

6.6. Friendships

7. Symbols and Motifs

7.1. Symbols

7.2. Motifs

8. Characterisation

8.1. Flat Characters

8.1.1. Narrator

8.1.2. Robert Deal

8.1.3. Audrey Atkinson

8.2. Round Characters

8.2.1. Mother

8.2.2. Flora

8.2.3. Ellie

9. Reader Response Criticism

9.1. Positives

9.1.1. Easily readable

9.1.2. Almost cryptic. it takes some time figuring out what is going on etc. This keeps the reader engaged.

9.2. Negatives

9.2.1. Very few characters, all uninteresting

9.2.2. Requires to be read 2 times in order to fully understand it.

10. General Information

10.1. Short story written by Alice Munro

10.2. Published: 1990

10.3. Alice often writes different versions of her stories. Happy ending, sad ending, different characters etc.

10.4. 1990: Trillium Book Award

10.5. 2013: Alice wins Nobel Prize in literature