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Topic this week. por Mind Map: Topic this week.

1. Acculturation Model

2. Communication Accommodation Theory

3. Exponent

3.1. Robert Shumann (1978)

3.1.1. His contribution: observe the process of people in the acquisition of a second language and adaptation to a new culture

3.1.2. Concept: it is an exchange of cultures that has to do with globalization, where many times the dominant culture comes to have a greater influence on the dominated culture

4. Influential factors

4.1. Positive

4.1.1. - The social: progress in acquisition of language and culture

4.1.2. - Social distance: person want to integrate to a group and keep learning

4.1.3. - Attitude, you win to overcome, know more about the language like that the culture of interlanguage

4.2. Negative

4.2.1. -The social: does not see results in any way

4.2.2. - Social distance: has no interest in learning and being part of a group

4.2.3. - Attitude: giving up, believing that you cannot learn and adapting

5. Types of acculturation

5.1. Assimilation: it is when we adapt and incorporate new learning, experiences, information and learn more about the other culture

5.2. Separation: it is when we reject the customs and traditions of different countries and prefer ours

5.3. Integration: it is when we acquire a new culture but despite this we continue to maintain that of our origin

5.4. Marginalization: is when we reject both cultures

6. Example

6.1. El Salvador travels to the United States for a long period of time, they adopt the culture of that country as the way of dressing, music and way of speaking

7. Exponent:

7.1. Howard Giles

8. This theory speaks of the behaviors that we have when entering into communication with people in which we adapt to the way of speaking of the other person.

9. The accommodation can be:

9.1. Divergent: it's when people talk to each other and don't care about the other person's way of speaking, that is, they do not adapt to the other person's way of communication

9.2. Convergent: It is when people adapt to the behaviors that the other person uses when communicating.