How Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater changed gaming … and skating

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How Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater changed gaming … and skating por Mind Map: How Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater changed gaming … and skating

1. X Games Shares Credit With Hawk's Games

1.1. These games introduced a generation of kids to skateboarding and skate culture.

1.2. However a lot of the credit also goes to the Pro Skater video games that were created by Tony Hawk.

1.3. The 1995 arrival of the X Games was an extreme sports competition that created a lot of opportunities for young skaters.

2. Mullen's Career Saved By Game Appearance

2.1. Mullen was regarded one of the most important skaters in all of history.

2.2. He was a character created in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.

2.3. Mullen had a first hand experience on how important these games were but he was ready to give up on skateboarding before Hawk ever asked him to appear in the game.

3. Game Opens Skateboarding To Wider World

3.1. Mullen remebered bring approached by 2 big guys during a late night skate session and they noticed he was the guy from the skating game.

3.2. When the game was first introduced people thought it was going to attract all the nerds but it turns out that some of the best skateboarders actually began skateboarding because of the game.

4. Hawk Helps Smash Stereotypes, Boost Inclusion

4.1. Muska thinks that Tony Hawks game helped stop the stereotype of skateboarders

4.2. It's important that skateboarding includes people from everywhere "because that's what skateboarding is like to its core," Armanto said. "It's always been about what you do and not who you are."

4.3. Lizzie Armanto, a 27-year-old pro skater, is a new addition to the virtual skaters in the latest release of Tony Hawk's games.