Procreation Stories Ginsburg

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Procreation Stories Ginsburg por Mind Map: Procreation Stories Ginsburg

1. generational differences

1.1. influence of historical events on social views

1.2. interaction of individual development and cultural development

1.3. social development and reconstruction of gender roles is changing views of reproduction

1.3.1. more woman entering the work place and different familial arrangements are giving more views and options on reproduction

2. opposing sides: pro-life versus pro-choice

2.1. Pro-life

2.1.1. views that the opening of the abortion clinic is corrupting the values of the small town

2.1.2. reshaping of women into men

2.1.3. Failed through politics tried to focus more on the people and convince them to opt against abortion

2.2. pro-choice

2.2.1. viewed opposing side as narrow minded

2.2.2. every woman has a choice

2.2.3. abortion represents the ability to overcome sexual discrimination

3. controversy over abortion represents a larger cultural issue

3.1. not just two opposing sides

3.2. abstract reorganization of sexual choices and gender identities

3.3. each side shows a different cultural understanding of reproduction

3.3.1. interaction of personal experiences and how it shapes the view of the female experience and reproduction

3.4. abortion is an isolated issue that is used to represent a larger social set of values (representing a woman's choice as a whole, not just in reproduction)

4. Using this symbolic view of abortion as a means of creating self and gender identification

4.1. Views span across all religions, socioeconomic statuses

4.2. views usually correlate with some personal experience/realization of self, often having to do with reproduction issues

4.2.1. sexual and reproductive experiences and a woman's reaction to those experiences will shape her view on social issues

4.3. groups are not strictly black and white pro-life versus pro-choice