Boost your Psychologist Career Project (It's Only Marketing)

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Boost your Psychologist Career Project (It's Only Marketing) por Mind Map: Boost your Psychologist Career Project (It's Only Marketing)

1. Marketing principles

1.1. USP

1.1.1. Why me?

1.1.2. 30 seconds that may change your Life

1.1.3. The World in a Tweet

1.2. Goals setting

1.2.1. The bow, the arrow and the target The bow Who manages everything The arrow The Project's tools The target How about the Archer?

1.3. Know yourself

1.3.1. The Map is not the Territory

1.4. Customer satisfaction

1.4.1. The mandatory feedback

1.4.2. Referrals

1.4.3. Follow up

1.5. Product engineering

1.5.1. Communicating vessels

1.5.2. The funnel

1.5.3. All around the client

2. Online tools

2.1. Evernote

2.2. Mindmeister

2.3. The TV of the future

2.3.1. A smartphone...and lot of enthusiasm in the pocket

2.3.2. 15 minutes of fame

2.4. Online business cards

2.5. Weapons of mass diffusion

2.5.1. Facebook Personal profile vs fanpage vs groups How about Privacy?

2.5.2. Twitter

2.5.3. Google+


2.6. Il tuo avamposto online

2.6.1. Wordpress: the best man friend

2.6.2. Being blogger

2.6.3. Mailing list Autoresponders Aweber Mailchimp

3. Restricting beliefs

3.1. It's only marketing

3.1.1. The shirt and the tie

3.1.2. Not only tie

3.2. The Little Number Law

3.2.1. Drops in the Ocean

3.3. The Butterfly Flight

3.3.1. Connecting dots

3.4. Survival Kit for the Crisis times

3.4.1. What vs How

3.4.2. When legs start to tremble

3.4.3. Identity crisis...or new opportunities? Our personal little Daimon

3.5. A mission worth living

4. The first steps outside

4.1. Is there anybody out there?

4.1.1. Finding clients The office made groove The embryo of our Profession

4.1.2. Making them to find us Letting us to be found

4.2. Sharks, whales, and the usual little fishes

4.3. We in the World

4.3.1. Creating trust among other Professionals

4.4. The Online attitude

4.4.1. Redefining the Therapy concept Not a replica of the offline

4.4.2. If they choose you because you are the nearest, then there's something wrong

4.4.3. Accessibility issues Digital divide

5. Issues

5.1. Longtime Psychologists

5.1.1. Confused Patients flow away

5.1.2. No means They don't have them They aren't aware of the opportunities

5.1.3. Negative prejudices But they feel that something need to be changed The Monster Marketing

5.1.4. Getting hired

5.2. Newborn Psychologists

5.2.1. Just left the University Academic attitude

5.2.2. No knowledge No contacts No network

5.2.3. Fear when moving

5.2.4. New fresh energies

5.3. Students

5.3.1. University fee It takes away time It takes away money

5.3.2. Choosing the right School

6. How can I create a Tribe?

6.1. Platforms

7. About Me

7.1. Doctor Ivan Ferrero

7.2. Psychologist, Psychotherapist

7.3. [email protected]

7.4. Join the Community HERE


8. Not only Office

8.1. Online counseling

8.2. Conferences

8.3. Info-products