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imperialism por Mind Map: imperialism

1. social

1.1. Other countries were focused on the spread of christianity

1.1.1. Social Darwinism is the belief that your culture or religion is the best. "Many missionaries believed that British rule was the best way to end evil practices such as slave trade."(341) "The push for expansion also came from missionaries who worked to convert the peoples of Asia, Africa, and the pacific islands to Christianity."(341)

1.1.2. Africa contained many peoples who had many different cultures and they were forced to convert to Christianity when the missionaries showed up.

2. political

2.1. Geopolitics is where someone takes over a place for a strategic advantage over the neighboring countries or communities. For example somebody who lives at the mouth of a river has a place to remove waist collect fresh water and sail ships to all other locations on the river. Where as somebody farther down the river doesn't have clean water and cant sail to any locations that are farther up the river.

2.1.1. The Ottomans where next to the Mediterranean and Atlantic sea this put them in a position to control trade in the area. Many countries wanted to take this place so that they could get all the goods that were shipped through the area. Russia tried everything to get the Ottoman's land they tried treaties, forming alliances with Ottoman enemies and finally they waged war.

2.1.2. The Ottomans military was weak by the end of world war one the Ottomans lost almost all their land despite the hep of Britain and France.

3. economic

3.1. Diamonds and gold were discovered in southern Africa in the 1860s and 1880s

3.1.1. The Boer War was between the Boers and the British. The Boer war was caused by a misunderstanding in which the Boers thought the British were responsible for a small rebellion that occurred in 1899. Before the Boer war the Africans under Boer's control were treated like animals, forced to work long unfair hours in mines. This caused many of them to die of sickness and being sleep deprived.

3.1.2. The Zulu Africans constantly rebelled against the Boers because they did not think that what they were doing was justified.