Money Always talks

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Money Always talks por Mind Map: Money Always talks

1. Speaker- Dephanie is the narrator of this article. Quotes- at the tail end of the summer. I happened to stay with my teenage daughter in Hampton. Explanation- she uses first person pronouns.

2. Occasion- shopping with her daughter. Quotes- I bought two cashmere sweaters for 500$ a pop. Explanation. She went shopping with her daughter at an expensive store for rich people.

3. Action- Passing through a neighborhood of nice houses. Quotes- the houses became outright baronial, the driveways elongated and the hedges meticulously clipped. Explanation- she passed thru a place where the houses were very nice and well kept.

4. Tone- the narrator is very calm is very intrigued about the lifestyle of the rich. Quotes-that unlike those who claim to be immune to money’s seductions. Explanation-she is not used to rich lifestyle and is liking very much.

5. Main Idea- she was not used to the way of life of the rich. Quote-My daughter and I looked on goggle-eyed at the exclusionary quality of it all. Explanation she is liking the idea of being rich because they can get anything they want at anytime.