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1. Richard Robbins International is an industry-leading masters academy in Toronto offering the expertise of professional speakers and real estate experts. They are happy to be rebound as a high caliber talent in the business. The team has real-time business intelligence that helps you stay motivated to learn the best business plans and ultimately reach your goals. Richard Robbins International has been a trusted masters academy in Toronto for more than two decades. Their goal is steadfast and simple, as they aim to get to the core of what is creative and the most in-demand. With the help of their team, you can finally have the chance to be in an elite group of top professionals for two-days of rapid-fire actionable advice and insider insights. Enroll in the masters academy in Toronto now and kickstart your journey. Email them at [email protected] or call them at 1-800-298-9587. You may also check their website at or visit their office located at 6061 Highway 7, Suite 201 Markham, Ontario L3P 3B2, Canada.