Personal Communication Styles

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Personal Communication Styles создатель Mind Map: Personal Communication Styles

1. Social Style

1.1. Interested in people and are good listeners. It is important to them that everyone gets along and conflict is avoided if possible.

1.2. They are yes people and more of people pleasers.

2. Open Style

2.1. Teamwork

2.2. most successful when employee involvement in decision making is desire

2.3. Put them in environments where friendships can develop, share confidence.

3. Dominant Style

3.1. Independant

3.2. thrives in situations in which they can demonstrate their expertise and experience.

3.3. Be able to take criticism well, don't let them dominate, take charge and let them know it.

4. Private Style

4.1. Exclusive

4.2. Seek little feedback and disclose little information

4.3. avoid asking questions, don't intimidate them