Sensations of Espresso bean

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Sensations of Espresso bean создатель Mind Map: Sensations of Espresso bean

1. Aroma

1.1. since smell is related to flavor, there is a sweet smell but has hint of spice in the aroma as you cup the drink

1.1.1. Recordings

1.1.2. Diary

2. Appearance

2.1. Medium roast

2.1.1. Not too light, not too dark roast

3. Weight

3.1. dense

3.2. but not heavy in the mouth

3.3. since it is a blend of Latin american and Indonesian coffees, it has a dense, weight balanced with the bright acidity

4. Flavor

4.1. Caramelly like

4.1.1. Sugar

4.2. Sweet

5. Acidity

5.1. low acid

5.2. Does not linger in the mouth for too long

5.3. per label, it says has Latin American coffees that undergoes Fermentation