Siegel, Linda S. and Lesaux, Nonie K

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Siegel, Linda S. and Lesaux, Nonie K создатель Mind Map: Siegel, Linda S. and Lesaux, Nonie K

1. Reading and Reading Instruction for Children from Low-Income and Non-English-Speaking Households

1.1. “skills-based competencies” that readers need to sound out and recognize words

1.2. “knowledge-based competencies” that include the conceptual and vocabulary knowledge necessary to comprehend a text’s meaning

2. The Development of Reading in Children Who Speak English as a Second Language

3. Growth in Reading Skills of Children from Diverse Linguistic Backgrounds: Findings from a 5-Year Longitudinal Study

3.1. Comparisons of reading skills between the ELLs and the L1 speakers demonstrated that despite slightly lower performance of the ELLs on several kindergarten tasks, differences at 4th grade were negligible.

4. Revisiting Assumptions about the Relationship of Fluent Reading to Comprehension: Spanish-Speakers' Text-Reading Fluency in English

4.1. The results suggest that existing assumptions about the relationship between text-reading fluency and comprehension may not readily apply to LM learners.

5. The Gap between Spanish Speakers' Word Reading and Word Knowledge: A Longitudinal Study

5.1. The results underscore the need for increased and sustained attention to promoting this population's language development.