First Grade Life Science

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First Grade Life Science создатель Mind Map: First Grade Life Science

1. Complete metamorphosis is when an insect passes through four separate stages of growth, as embryo, larva, pupa, and imago.

1.1. Incomplete metamorphosis is when an insect goes through 3 stages: egg, nymph, adult.

2. LS.3.1.1: Illustrate incomplete metamorphosis (e.g., grasshopper)

2.1. TSWBAT draw a picture of the incomplete metamorphosis cycle of an animal.

3. LS.3.1.2: Compare and contrast complete metamorphosis and incomplete metamorphosis

3.1. TSWBAT define complete metamorphosis and incomplete metamorphosis. With defining comes understanding the similarities and differences that exist between the two

4. LS.2.1.2: Differentiate between herbivores and carnivores

4.1. TSWBAT differentiate between what a herbivore is and what a carnivore is

4.2. A herbivore is a plant eater. A carnivore is a meat eater.

5. LS.4.1.1: Identify some endangered species in Arkansas

5.1. TSWBAT identify endangered species found in our state

6. LS.2.1.1: Classify animals according to common characteristics (e.g., movement, body coverings, diet)

6.1. TSWBAT compare & contrast animals based on their characteristics