Forbo Flooring Systems' 2015       Sustainability Report      By: Santiago Losada

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Forbo Flooring Systems' 2015       Sustainability Report      By: Santiago Losada создатель Mind Map: Forbo Flooring Systems' 2015       Sustainability Report      By: Santiago Losada

1. 'Commited To The Health Of One' Program

1.1. Increase customer's safety by worrying about indoor air emmisions

1.2. Increase customer's hygiene worrying about cleaning and maintenance

1.3. Increase customer's well being by worrying about asthma, dementia sufferers, and allergy triggers

1.4. High Quality Environment TM certification in France. Aims to improve the comfort of buildings through better construction and use

2. About Forbo Group

2.1. Manufacturer of Resilient and textile floor covering

2.2. International Network of 24 production and distribution companies in 35 countries worldwide

2.3. Focus is to sell a segment oriented product portfolio worldwide with local adaptions

2.4. Sustainable development and creating better environments is an integral part of all activities

2.5. Employ more than 5.200 people

2.6. Institutionalized socially responsible programs (Zadek)

3. Five dimensions of CSR

3.1. Environmental: Company is worrying about limited resources recycling materials

3.2. Voluntary: Company goes beyond the law with 'Compliance Plus'

3.3. Social: Acknowledges they're part of society

3.4. Stakeholders: Interest of all stakeholders are reflected in the company's policies and actions (Dahlsrud)

3.5. Economic: Company makes even more profits while increase their responsibility wirth society

4. Sustainable Awareness for over 150 years ago! 6 Principles.

4.1. 'Compliance Plus' a commitment to go beyond government regulations

4.2. Integrating sustainability into all business decisions

4.3. Monitoring and Reviewing progress in sustainability performance

4.4. Commitment to continuous improvement

4.5. Promote sustainability through the value chain

4.6. Ensure staff is aware

4.7. These 6 principles show how (According to Garriga and Melé) the company applies integrative theory about social responsibility. This means, they know their dependence in society and this is why they're socially responsible

5. Stakeholder Engagement

5.1. Internal Stakeholders: Regular Meetings and surveys

5.2. Customers: Feedback mechanisms and surveys

5.3. Government: Representation on commitees and other contact regarding environmental and safety compliance

5.4. Environmental NGO's: Meetings, Representation on committees and other contact

5.5. Suppliers: Regular Meetings

5.6. Communities: Representation on committees, open days at plants, involvements with charity and schools

6. High Stakeholder Concern that have High Positive Impact in Forbo

6.1. Positive contribution to the health and well-being of users

6.2. Reduction of environmental footprint of our products

6.3. Sustainable Financial Performance

6.4. Product Transparency

6.5. Social Equity and Labour Rights

7. Manufacturing

7.1. Linoleum, 97% natural raw materials. Accreditation in the LEED and BREEAM environmental building ratings

7.2. Manufacturing all vinyl in efficient, modern factories that run solely on green electricity reducing waste and saving energy

7.3. All tufted carpet tiles are made with over 50% recycled content

7.4. All manufacturing siles in Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, and France were awarded national certificates that recognize 100% of their electricity needs are met from renewable sources

8. Employees, seen as the ones who make and sell Forbo's floors, have the ideas, do things as well as they know how

8.1. Training and a management approach that interconnects people through dialogue

8.2. Good care of peolple and stimulate their wellbeing, performance and engagement

8.2.1. Continuous improvement of the safety of processes

8.2.2. Regularly monitoring safety awareness

8.2.3. Offering health improvement programs

8.3. Invest in employees to have the most knowledgeable, skilled and trusted partners in the industry

8.4. SA8000 Standard

9. Reducing Environmental Impacts

9.1. Environmental Footprint: 23,1% reduction from 2010 to 2015

9.2. Reduced contribution to the global warming potential expressed in CO2 equivalents by 37,7%

9.3. -0.09 CO2 equivalents is the total emission for the production of Marmoleum

9.4. Intense use of 4 R's (Reduce, Renewable, Reuse, Recycle) in all processes of the company

9.5. These attitueds show how the company is trying to reduce one of the most important world problems mentioned by Pope Farncesco; Climate Change

10. Intense use of 4 R's

10.1. Reduce raw material consumption; biggest impact environmentally and financially

10.2. Reduce energy use in the transportation to the customer

10.3. Reduce waste by maximizing yields and the reuse of products

10.4. Innovation in building and construction adhesives that show no emissions into the indoor air

10.5. Total Energy Mix: 53% Renewable, 45% Gas, 1% Oil, 1% Non-Renewable energy

10.6. Recycled and Reused content in total products was 26%

10.7. Installation-waste-take-back Programs; Total 201 tons of collected and recycled installation waste

10.8. 'Back to the Floor' take-back scheme for after use recycling

11. Corporate Responsibility

11.1. Take care of the externalities

11.2. Is responsible in the way it creates jobs and products

11.3. Cares about the post-use product's life

11.4. This shows how the company is making use of the new business ethics; doing what is morally right and socially responsible adding value to the company as well