VR(Virtual reality) & Society

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VR(Virtual reality) & Society создатель Mind Map: VR(Virtual reality) & Society

1. Introduction

1.1. Inventor

1.1.1. Palmer Freeman Luckey

1.1.2. ??HISTORY

1.2. Details(How it works)

1.2.1. By providing real life experience

1.2.2. Combining with diff. tools

1.2.3. 原理

1.3. tools

1.3.1. For general public smartphone cardboard

1.3.2. Companies Motion chair Top VR Motion Chairs Virtual Reality a large space for free activitry software and programming

2. Benefits

2.1. Tourism

2.1.1. Boost the tourism industry and the economy sales revenue working opportunities increase upward social mobility Promote local view to traveler google map ecosystem Tour guide

2.1.2. Advertisement in cooperation with Facebook and Instagram large coverage attracting customers

2.2. Entertainment

2.2.1. let people to relax and to have work-life balance

2.2.2. VR game Better gaming exp. e.g. car racing (Need For Speed) e.g. War game (Comand And Conquer) PS4

2.3. film

2.3.1. Immersive e.g adventure e.g Horror movie (The RooM : VR 360° horror )

2.3.2. A wider 創作空間 Effects can be better presented

2.3.3. better experience on watching movie

2.4. education

2.4.1. science subject Demonstrate difficult and dangerous experiments (Chemistry) combustion of gases (highly exothermic) The amazing scene of the nature which can be hardly seen (Biology) e.g. North Pole e.g. Ecological succession Animation of movement, speed, sound and vibration (Physic) e.g. acceleration e.g. structure of building

2.4.2. Mathematic Illustrate graphical approach in respect to some statistical analysis

2.4.3. mock interview equip the interviewee to perform better in a interview

2.4.4. History reforming of past events and heritage e.g. ancient egypt e.g. World War I and II e.g. e-copy of the heritage would not be damaged

2.4.5. Geography Formation and happening of natural hazards Tsunami Earthquake Tropical cyclone Happening of past event e.g. formation of the 7 continent and 4 ocean

2.4.6. Space and Universe Showing the estimated scene e.g. surface of the moon e.g. the Solar Eclipse e.g. the Solar System

2.5. health

2.5.1. application in therapy concerning mental health By reforming the entire environment of the cases helps people overcome their phobias

2.5.2. practice before surgery

2.6. design

2.6.1. higher cost-effectiveness as a draft waste less material

3. Application

3.1. Stakeholders

3.1.1. Students

3.1.2. White collars

3.1.3. Family

3.1.4. Companies BUSSINES eg. party room(in HK) To promote SAMSUNG APPLE

3.2. Experiencing activities

3.2.1. e.g. the disabled

3.2.2. 4D experience

3.3. Charity activities

3.3.1. raise money for the needs of particular group of people elderly disabled

4. Disadvantages/Limitation/Drawbacks

4.1. Teenage problems

4.1.1. addiction not be able to develop new skills lack of competence in the society poor performance school interpersonal communication

4.1.2. Less face-to face conversation Worsening the relationship between people and their family and friends Escapism Individualism

4.2. High cost

4.2.1. Cost of production is high(expensive raw materials)

4.3. Social problem

4.3.1. criminal violent behaviours distorted value

4.3.2. E-waste disposal would add burden to the landfill site need a long time to be decomposed saturation of landfill site give out toxic gas when using incinerator

4.4. nausea

4.4.1. As users will be over-concentrated in a long period of time

5. e.g. Attack and defence (Resident Evil)