Office 365 Sarah French Web-based version of Microsoft's Office suite of enterprise-grade produc...

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Office 365 Sarah French Web-based version of Microsoft's Office suite of enterprise-grade productivity applications. 作者: Mind Map: Office 365 Sarah French  Web-based version of Microsoft's Office suite of enterprise-grade productivity applications.

1. Forms

1.1. Create surveys and calculates the responses

1.2. Accessible through excel

1.3. Add your questions- chose text rating and date (multiple answers and whether question is required or not are options)

1.4. Responses- track number of responses and average time to complete as well as status (Active or inactive) Settings allow you to set up survey as anonymous; Automated spreadsheet of responses created in Excel

2. Word

2.1. Templates

2.1.1. Blank Document File, home, insert, page layout, review, view (Tool bar) Insert- pictures, links, documents, emojis or shapes Page layout- Change the layout of your document Tell me what you want to do- "Help" File- save your documents, print your documents or share your documents

2.1.2. New blank docment; General notes; APA Style paper; MLA style paper; Simple resume; Simple cover lette

2.1.3. New blank docment; General notes; APA Style paper; MLA style paper; Simple resume; Simple cover lette

2.2. A graphical word processing program that users can type with. Its purpose is to allow users to type and save documents.

2.3. Recent

2.3.1. Documents recently modified

2.4. Pinned

2.4.1. Make documents available on your main screen

2.5. Shared with me

2.5.1. Documents shared from colleagues

2.6. Discover

3. Excel

3.1. spreadsheet program included in the Microsoft Office suite of applications.

3.2. Allows you to enter forms and word documents

3.3. Applicable to databases

3.3.1. data records (includes multiple fields related to an individual element) managed within excel. Each cell contains specific information to the record. Excel gives you the ability to search or sort for specific information within the data record with code. A primary key is a special relational database table column (or combination of columns) designated to uniquely identify all table records. A primary key's main features are: It must contain a unique value for each row of data. It cannot contain null values.

3.4. Used often with software testing to write out test cases.

3.5. Has an X and Y axis; ability to enter numbers and characters into the rows and columns; able to add formatted tables; sort and filter; graphic capabilities

3.6. Perform different functions such as "SUM" through formulas within cells: =sum("cells")

3.7. Filter data with filter function within tool bar

3.8. Views: editing view, reading view can customize

3.9. Import charts and pivot tables; merge cells, split cells

3.10. The data withing a call can be numeric or text

3.10.1. Numeric: currency, dates, time Text: name, address

3.11. Calculations (sum average)

3.11.1. =(start cell;end cell)

3.12. Rows

3.12.1. horizontal numeric

3.13. Colums

3.13.1. vertical alphabetical

3.14. Reference a cell with the cells address a combination of a letter and the numbered row.

3.15. Limitations to online version of excel-

3.15.1. only accepts workbook files (.xlsx .xls (97- 2003) Excel bin .xlsb Open document .ods

3.16. When you open an existing file on your online version of excel from a document you created on your local computer it will come up as readers view with the option to enable editing or open excel locally (on your computer)

3.17. Freeze pane

3.17.1. Go to the View tab. In the Window group click the down arrow by Freeze Panes and select Freeze Top Row.

3.18. SUMIF function

3.18.1. allows you to customize your sum per the data within the selcted cells =(SUMIF(Cells:Cells,"Customization",cells:cells_

3.19. COUNTIF function

3.19.1. =COUNT(cell range) and enter

3.19.2. COUNTIF add a condition COUNTIF(cell range;cell range,"Condition")

3.20. Pivot Table

3.20.1. highlight data (sort/filter as you wish) choose insert and select pivot table. Add your cell range, column

4. SharePoint

4.1. Microsoft SharePoint Online is a collection of cloud- and web-based technologies that makes it easy to store, share and manage digital information within an organization.

4.2. Document management and storage system.

4.2.1. Manage the groups you've joined or are following Access your individual team site Shows recently viewed shared documents

5. OneNote

5.1. Multiple functions- send assignments to your team; store technical documents; useful tool for sharing within groups; provides notifications and reminders; insert audio recordings, pictures, files and applications; meeting minutes

6. Apps Launcher

6.1. The app launcher is another way to launch your applications

7. Other Apps

7.1. Mind Meister

7.1.1. People

7.1.2. Show people you frequently contact, those you have added to your calendar, your favorites, those you need to follow up with. Able to import contacts from other applications with detailed instructions (windows live, outlook, yahoo mail and gmail), able to create groups of contacts; directory of current contacts with all contact information including groups;

7.2. Mindmapping tool to organize thoughts and notes. Can graphically show how applications interact or work.

8. Outlook

8.1. Microsoft email application. Also connected to Skype

8.2. Folders

8.2.1. Organizational tool for emails. Inbox, favorites, groups email (TMG), sent, drafts

8.2.2. Inbox Can create a new email here; Can change the status of the email (Read/unread); Able to delete emails here; Calendar appointments shown at the top; Able to filter emails by whom they were received or unread; Able to flag an email as important; Able to sort email by date/ to-from/ importance; "Show as" messages or conversations Drafts Archive Emails that were started but not finished

8.3. Groups

8.3.1. Communication among all group members; Our group is TMG; Share things such as calendars

8.4. Calendar

8.4.1. Shareable among your group; Add meetings, birthdays and other important events; Manage alerts with your events; Keep track of holidays; Able to add calendar from the internet or directory (group members unless their settings are private); Access to interesting calendars such as sports (NFL NHL NFL MLB) and TV; Ability to print your calendar; setting give you customization options (appearance- determine work week including hours and timezone; choose location for weather report display; Add events or take away directly from your email, update your timezone; Invitations, turn them on and on; Notifications choose your reminder text message alert with ringer; Export - delete history or export options. Other calendars include birthday calendar with ability to add or leave off option to keep private or public. Meetings Setup a room, can be customized by admin, able to tie into outlook for conference rooms, option to repeat meetings weekly monthly and quarterly, option to show whether your available or busy, option to add email reminder, option to add to calendar, online meetings have an automatic link, to setup a meeting double click on desired date (add title, people, location, time, reminders, whether meeting will be repeated and a personalized note), Scheduling assistant will let you know if colleagues are available during scheduled meeting time

8.5. Skype for business

8.5.1. Skype for business is integrated with Outlook for chat. Face to face communication, chat tool, video conferencing, screen presentation, share documents,

8.6. Conversation

9. Sway

9.1. Reports ∙ Presentations ∙ Training material ∙ Newsletters

9.2. Chose your template: Blog, DYI project, Newsletter ect.

9.3. Explore previously created sway sites.

10. OneDrive

10.1. Application is for storage of all Microsoft365 documents

10.2. Group (TMG)

10.2.1. Share documents with colleagues;can make files private; can enable editing of files;

10.3. Files

10.3.1. Collection of all files- both private and shareable. Able to copy, share, download, delete, move file and or rename selected file

10.4. Recycle Bin

10.4.1. File containing deleted files

10.5. Shared

10.5.1. Files shared within Group

10.6. Housed by Microsoft in the cloud

10.7. Transferred locally from your computer where a folder is setup that replicates and saves in the cloud

11. Skype

11.1. Instant communication among colleagues; located in Outlook application (Top right hand tool bar)

11.2. Groups

11.2.1. Audio and Video

11.2.2. Connect with multiple colleagues from a personalized group

12. PowerPoint

12.1. A software package designed to create electronic presentations consisting of a series of separate pages or slides.

12.2. Used for presentations and meetings; presents in slides one after another ability to configure auto play of slides or timed; able to incorporate pictures text and or video; different versions have different features; all files in power point save by default to onedrive application; initial screen has default settings- slides sectioned into title and subtitle (only a guide can be customized); creative way to make presentations catch the attention of their audience; ability to insert graphics pictures online pictures tables sounds animation and add comments; various design functions such as color and the way the slide comes into the presentation; To add slides click the enter key or insert new slide; Chrome-cast gives the ability to read notes that are unseen to the audience; ability to copy and repeat previously created slides; text resizes to customized text box size;