Media Institution

Media Institution

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Media Institution 作者: Mind Map: Media Institution

1. Media Governance

1.1. 1- The directors effectively constitute the company and are legally responsible for its conduct. They, for example, approve its strategy, assure its financial viability, ie their role is essentially to set policy, not to micro-manage the operation

1.2. 2- The executive, or board of management, are full-time employees of the company and are responsible for its hands-on day-to-day management and headed by a chief executive or managing director

1.3. 3- Non-executive directors are people who are not employed full-time by the company but are appointed for their expertise and experience in business and media practice or for some other special contribution they can make

1.4. 4-Executive directors are drawn from the full-time executive or board of management.

2. Registration of media outlet

3. License of media outlets and fees

4. Ownership

5. License award procedures

6. License compliance procedures

7. Regulation of media practice

8. Legal constraints of information disclosure