More efficient marking with Turnitin, using OneNote and OneDrive

There are many resources about using Turnitin for marking/grading student assignments. Advice about doing so efficiently is rare.

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More efficient marking with Turnitin, using OneNote and OneDrive 作者: Mind Map: More efficient marking with Turnitin, using OneNote and OneDrive

1. Resources

1.1. Literature on paper v digital

1.2. CU Intranet Turnitin help page

2. Introduction

2.1. 'Efficiency' mantra

2.1.1. CESI video

2.2. Reality

2.2.1. Lecturers report Turnitin marking taking > 5x longer

2.3. Millions of Youtube's but focus on technical 'how to use Turnitin'

2.3.1. Voice Feedback not in use currently

2.4. An appeal from the 'Post-digital'

2.4.1. Post, as in critique

2.4.2. Post, as in 'it happened' now we're living with it

2.4.3. e.g. PDSE

2.4.4. Beware the 'oobeedoo' effect

2.4.5. So can we stop talking about the false dichotomy that is digital vs analogue?

2.5. Solutions?

2.5.1. iPad Benefits Ergonomics Voice to text input (on a phone too) Built for offline Search Drawbacks Getting one Typing can be awkward/slow Get iPad access code (Turnitin site) CEI help video Grading (Turnitin site)

2.5.2. Quickmarks

2.5.3. OneDrive, OneNote

2.5.4. No magic bullets

3. Sources of inefficiency

3.1. Being unfamiliar

3.1.1. New to marking? You dont have to read every word Train your gaze

3.1.2. Developing individualised processes takes time

3.1.3. Much of IT skill development is ad hoc and quite inefficient - #bumpyslowride

3.1.4. Use quickmarks

3.2. Technology has a way of making me feel inadequate

3.2.1. 'The kids are brilliant'

3.2.2. Tech marketing is absurd

3.2.3. Everyone borrows caché from tech up-speak

3.3. Navigation can be hard/confusing

3.3.1. Finding your marking in Turnitin

3.3.2. List all submissions

3.3.3. Find within a screen/document using Ctrl & F keyboard shortcuts

3.3.4. Bookmark a direct link to the list of assignments

3.3.5. Within a script in Turnitin Add a Quickmark and use it as a bookmark to navigate around a script - eg. the reference list

3.4. Longwinded/error-prone processes

3.4.1. In Excel marking grids, filter so you can only see your own marking

3.4.2. Get another view of the script iPad OneDrive App Feedback studio app CESI's silent iPad movie Download original files in bulk and store in OneDrive (delete after marking) Access from any device any where Enables a 'second screen' Good Search system Enables text to speech Paper, eg. print reference list immediacy cheap recyclable ease of markup A screenshot may hold enough info temporarily

3.5. Distractions (exterior)

3.5.1. Nature sounds app

3.5.2. Turn off notifications

3.5.3. Ring-fence time

3.5.4. Set an 'out of office' reply

3.6. Difficulty concentrating

3.6.1. Sleep enough

3.6.2. Take breaks & exercise eg. get workrave

3.6.3. Get the computer/phone to read the original file to you eg. NaturalReader MS Word/PDF Readers have text to speech

3.6.4. Play a bit of up-beat music

3.7. Duplication of effort

3.7.1. Use Quickmarks Introduction to quickmarks... (CESI resource) Quickmark sets can be shared with other markers New features emerge, such as adding hyperlinks Hone your quickmarks (but note this washes back to every use of the individual quickmark)

3.7.2. In your browser, bookmark/favorite the page when viewing all assignments

3.7.3. Keep copies of essential items in OneNote (marking guide, learning outcomes, etc.) Organise using sections Create pages from a list Consistently adapt page titles to help navigation Start with Student ID 0202020843 When you start a new script, add a brief title '0202020843 Newborn Screening' When you finish marking the script, add the grade '0202020843 45 Newborn Screening' Keep common info in every section Correct rubric/marking guide/criteria Assignment brief for staff/students Module learning outcomes

3.8. Technical glitches

3.8.1. Turnitin status twitter

3.8.2. iPad marking insulates from patchy wifi

3.8.3. Use OneNote to keep copies of general comments/grades/moderation thoughts in case they vanish