How I Made Over $150k on Upwork

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How I Made Over $150k on Upwork 作者: Mind Map: How I Made Over $150k on Upwork

1. How do I get started?

1.1. When you build your profile, don’t be shy about setting your rate to a reasonably high number.

1.2. List any and all things that can separate you from other workers.

1.3. If your English isn’t perfect, make sure you run your profile, especially your main description paragraph, by someone whose English is perfect.

2. How do I make myself competitive?

2.1. Many people become despondent when they bid on their first job and realize that there are people willing to do the same thing for ridiculously low amount of money.

2.2. But remember: there are plenty of people charging $50/hour for services that other people will do for $5/hour.

2.3. In the first couple of months you need to bid well below your normal price in order to get good reviews and get your profile ranked higher.

2.4. Make sure your clients know that they’re getting a deal by hiring you at half of your normal rate.

2.5. You also need to accept tasks that you don’t care for, and do them like they’re the greatest thing on Earth.

3. How do I keep my clients happy?

3.1. There’s a saying in my native Serbian: tie the horse where your boss tells you, even if it kills both the horse and the boss.

3.2. As someone building a reputation, you are in no position to be pushy about what you think is the best solution to a problem.

4. At what rate can I reasonably raise my rate?

4.1. You should, in general, aim to gradually reach your full desired rate within a year.

4.2. After that, you’re in a good position to negotiate and optimize further on a per-project or per-client basis.

5. I’ve made it, now what?

5.1. This is where everyone gets the urge to take their clients off Upwork and get rid of the 10% fee.

5.2. I strongly recommend that you resist this urge, especially if you are in the software development industry

5.3. By all means, you should become increasingly more picky when it comes to choice of projects, but staying on Upwork for a couple of years can be of great benefit in the long term.

6. How can I use my awesome Upwork profile to further boost my income and career?

6.1. Link to your Upwork profile on Linkedin

6.2. A link to your profile goes a long way when you’re applying for work in other places, and it gives you a good negotiating position because it acts as proof of value.

7. Why haven’t you been doing more on Upwork in the last three years?

7.1. Mainly it is because I have been dedicated to some of my passion projects, and I also have 2 long-term clients that are unrelated to Upwork.

7.2. This amount of work is enough to live comfortably and provide enough freedom to build what I enjoy building, especially with the passive income streams I have established.

7.3. I have been pursuing various hobbies as well — one of which you’re experiencing right now, since I’ve made it a goal to write 100 articles in 2020.