A new era for Mexico

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A new era for Mexico 作者: Mind Map: A new era for Mexico

1. The Reform

1.1. Sometimes refered to as Mexico´s second independence as it attemped to eliminate what was left of the colonial era

1.2. The purpose of The Reform was to both modernize Mexico and make it a more democratic nation.

2. Lawys of Reform

2.1. Ley Juarez: Made the military and Church stand trial in civil court

2.2. Ley Lerdo: Cut back on the amount of land the Church could own.

2.3. Ley Iglesias: Forbade the Church from charging hight fees for giving sacraments because the poor could not afford the price the Church charged for administering the sacramenta

3. The War of the Reform

3.1. Pope Pius IX spoke out against the new constitution. The War of the Reform (1858-1861), was bloodier than any of Mexico´s previous civil wars

3.2. During the war, there were 2 goverment in Mexico, Juaréz in change of one and Felix Zuloaga leading the other

3.3. Juaréz ran for president and won the election of 1861

4. Battle of Puebla

4.1. On May 5, 1862 the Battle of Puebla was fought.

4.1.1. A

4.2. One year later, the French marched into Mexico city and claimed Mexico as a colony

5. French Monarchs arrive to Mexico

5.1. Napoleon decided to make Mexico a Monarchy and placed Archduke Ferdinand Maximiliam and his wife Charlotte on the Mexican throne. They arrived in 1864 and made their home in the Castle of Chapultepec

6. The French Intervention

6.1. Carlota returned to Europe to try to get Napoleon and others to help her husband. She even asked to Pope, but he refused to send help.

6.2. Maximilian lose power and get captured. He was tried, found guilty, and executed.

7. Impact of the intervention

7.1. First, showed that Mexico was independent

7.2. Mexican nationalism increased and it was a victory for the Constitution of 1857