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Presentation 作者: Mind Map: Presentation

1. Donates

2. Features

2.1. Association Board

2.1.1. Clubs (mybe contain places equipment)

2.1.2. Places Place Manager Place Portfolio Plans & Schedules

2.1.3. Human Resources (such as secretary of the Board)

2.1.4. Equipments

2.1.5. Accounting & Funds Catch & Manage Tuition Manage Salaries Manage Incomes

2.1.6. Members Players Coaches Referee

2.1.7. Tournaments Manager Auto Generate Tables Register & Payments Manager Real-Time Competition Tracker Archive & Analyze Data Competition Game Yield Manager Saving Records Directly By Referee Wizard For Quick Setup Depends On Sport Field Check Insurance Status

2.1.8. Programs Events Tournaments Meetings Special Courses Such As Coaching Certification

2.1.9. Sponsors Attract Sponsor Manage Sponsors Connection With Sponsors

2.1.10. Automation External Automation (with government) Internal Automation

2.2. Department of Sports

2.2.1. Analyze & Filter Data Analyze Places, Human Resources, Players etc. Analyze Performance And Abilities

2.2.2. Quick Connection With Association Boards Get & Collect Data Send Mail And Notifications Review And Response To Board's Requierments

2.3. Social Media

2.3.1. Profile Page

2.3.2. Following Or Connections

2.3.3. Posting On Feed

2.3.4. Blog And Content Production

2.4. Personal Sport Managing

2.4.1. Planing For Exercising

2.4.2. Share Plan And Exercise All Together

2.4.3. Analyze Performance And Data

2.5. Learning And References

2.5.1. Online Courses

2.5.2. Articles

2.5.3. Laws And Last News