What do Testers do? #bddxnyc

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What do Testers do? #bddxnyc 作者: Mind Map: What do Testers do? #bddxnyc

1. What are some of the things people think you do?

1.1. What people think you do

1.1.1. Sigurdur Birgisson - http://happytesting.wordpress.com/2012/02/16/what-a-software-tester-does/

1.1.2. Randomly click things

1.1.3. Safety net

1.1.4. Gateway

1.1.5. Check off requirements

1.1.6. Input/output

2. Why this talk?

2.1. experiment

2.1.1. Wanted to see what the Testers thought

2.1.2. http://dancedwiththetester.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/testing-thoughts-idea-what.html

2.2. agile transition

3. @tonybruce77 - Software consultant

3.1. Focus

3.1.1. Testing

3.1.2. People

3.2. http://dancedwiththetester.blogspot.co.uk/

4. Testing is

4.1. a job

4.2. a career

4.3. interesting

4.4. boring (to some)

4.4.1. depending how you do it

4.5. exciting

4.5.1. depending how you do it

4.6. a challenge

4.7. something we all do from birth

5. Realise

5.1. We ask questions

5.1.1. Stakeholders

5.1.2. Customers

5.1.3. Requirements

5.1.4. Schedule

5.1.5. Ourselves

5.1.6. Testers

5.1.7. ?

5.2. Testers

5.2.1. Creativity

5.2.2. All kinds of thinking Lateral Logical Dark Different kinds of thinking User Troublemaker Stake holder Developer Critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action. http://www.criticalthinking.org/pages/defining-critical-thinking/766

5.2.3. Silliness

5.2.4. Relationships

5.2.5. Experience

5.2.6. Rationality

5.2.7. Irrationality

5.2.8. Communication Story telling Questions

5.2.9. Information

5.2.10. Analysis

5.2.11. Context

5.2.12. Collobrate

5.2.13. Curiosity Investigative skills

5.2.14. Why?

5.2.15. What if?

5.2.16. Learn

5.2.17. Make use of all of our senses

5.2.18. Technical skills

5.2.19. Humour

5.2.20. Knowledge Tacit knowledge difficult to transfer to another person has been described as “know-how” (Henry) Bessemer process Example Implicit Knowledge Implicit and tacit knowledge are thought to be similiar but it's thought that implicit can be turned to explicit and tacit cannot Explicit knowledge knowledge that has been articulated, codified, and stored in certain media

6. A tester is somebody who knows that things can be different. - Jerry Weinberg

7. To finish - What do Testers do?

7.1. You are not a safety net

7.2. You are not a gateway

7.3. Use a number of different approaches, techniques, soft skills,hard skills, knowledge, information, context, experience, investigative curiosity, constant learning and much much more to question software in order to provide information to help gain more information to help those who need to make decisions.

7.4. Thank you @tonybruce77 http://dancedwiththetester.blogspot.co.uk/