Basic Classroom Tenets

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Basic Classroom Tenets 作者: Mind Map: Basic Classroom Tenets

1. Varying Levels of Need (SPED, TAG, ELD)

1.1. Built-in differentiation

1.1.1. Levels of complexity TAG students can create more complex story lines SPED students can create a story line to their own level of complexity

1.1.2. Varied materials

1.1.3. Student choice Language Amount Which one? Topic Materials

1.1.4. Varied lengths

1.2. Multiple Right Answers

1.3. Chunking of Lesson

1.4. Hands-on


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3. Diverse Cultural Backgrounds

3.1. Personal Stories

3.2. Open-Ended Questions

3.3. Builds on background knowledge/personal experience

4. English Language Learners

4.1. Pictures as a way to demonstrate skill

4.2. Pictures as a way to teach topic

4.3. Adequate Process Time

4.4. Builds on personal experience

5. Positivity

6. Respect

7. Trust

8. Kindness

9. Inclusion

10. Using Comic Strips to Introduce Narrative Structure

11. Janelle Wanta | EDEL 670