prayer of the heart 心禱

马上开始. 它是免费的哦
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prayer of the heart 心禱 作者: Mind Map: prayer of the heart 心禱

1. 1 Thes. 5:17 Pray without ceasing 帖撒羅尼迦前書 5:17 不止息的祈禱

1.1. difficulty困難處

1.1.1. i work 我在工作

1.1.2. i sleep 睡覺

1.1.3. no time 沒有時間

2. song of songs 5:2 我身雖然睡臥,我心卻醒

3. have the feeling that you are always in front of god 感覺你總是在神的面前

3.1. no words 無須言語

3.2. some beloved is watching you 某位愛護者看顧你

4. Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me 主耶穌基督憐憫我

4.1. say with your mind 在腦中默想

4.1.1. peacfully 平安的

4.1.2. do not force yourself 不要強迫你自己

4.1.3. it is up to god if your mind will be united with your heart ,你的思緒將會與你的心連結,決定權在上帝

4.2. concentrate only to the words 專注在文字上

4.3. avoid any imagination of Jesus etc. 避免任何想像耶穌...等

4.4. ask blessing from your spiritual father 請你的屬靈父親祝福

4.4.1. if you have no guidance is no good 如果你沒有任何指導是不好的

4.4.2. must be humble 必須謙卑

4.5. helping 輔助

4.5.1. prayer rope 禱告繩索

4.5.2. some rhythm, 一些規律的節奏 like your pulses 例如:你的脈搏 or breathing 或呼吸 or some clock 時鐘,計時器

4.5.3. do not count how many times but use prayer rope 禱告繩索 watch 手錶

4.6. during this, do not pay attention 在這段時間請不要專注於....

4.6.1. your feelings 你個人的感覺

4.6.2. probably tears 可能眼淚

4.6.3. any vision 讓何異象

4.7. mercy on ME = ALL THE PEOPLE, not only me, i am the others by the grace of god 憐憫我=所有的人,不是只有我,我也是他者藉著神的恩典

5. go back to prayer 回到祈禱

6. facts 事實

6.1. it is a gift of god this to become continuous, repeat without your effort 是一個屬神的禮物成為持續重複著,並非你個人的努力

6.2. peace in your heart 平安在你的內心

6.3. bad thoughts not easy to come 不容易有不好的思緒

6.4. mercy and love for every creature 對受造物充滿憐憫與愛

6.5. you can do 2 activities at the SAME TIME: YOUR JOB AND THE PRAYER 你可以在同一時間一心兩用:工作與祈禱

6.6. you can concentrate in your job better 在工作時你能更集中精神

7. perfect prayer, the prayer stops, the Lord is inside you 完美的禱告,禱告住息,主是在你內在

8. other spiritual gifts 其他的屬靈禮物

8.1. never stops 不止息

8.2. tears of joy 喜悅的淚水

8.3. love for everything 愛所有一切

8.4. heavenly wisdom 屬天的智慧

8.5. understanding the bible better 更了解聖經

8.6. prophesy 預言

8.7. the uncreated light in you 非受造光在你

9. spiritual power-protection 屬靈的力量---護佑

9.1. Philippians 2:10 That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;腓力比書 2:10 使天上、地上和地底下的一切,因著耶穌的名,都要屈膝,