Web 2.0 Technology

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Web 2.0 Technology 作者: Mind Map: Web 2.0 Technology

1. Interactive Applications

2. Saves businesses, that uses, it time and money

3. Reach more markets

3.1. Businesses can get more exposure to International markets, can advertise your products and services internationally.

4. Share information

4.1. Blogs enables business to share certain information

5. Build relationships

6. Used to find out where a location is on the map, and how to get there with the help of directions.

7. Advertising

7.1. Advertise new products or services

8. Communication

8.1. Communication with your employees, customers and suppliers

9. Interaction

9.1. Interaction with customers, suppliers and Competitors

10. Blogs

10.1. Twitter

10.2. MySpace

10.3. Facebook

11. Mash-Ups

11.1. Google maps

12. Advanced Gaming

12.1. Or other Web 2.0 Games

12.2. Poker games

12.3. Nintendo Wi

13. Open source applications

13.1. Dictionaries

13.1.1. For better effectiveness in business activities.

13.2. Encyclopedias

13.2.1. Wikipedia Can be for networking, news feeds, easy access to information. And also advertising of products and services.

14. RSS

14.1. Helps business users to save time, because it waste time to check for updates when there aren't any

14.2. Keeps up with your favourite blogs without constantly checking them for updates

14.3. Increases Productivity

15. Access to collaborative information

16. E-Commerce

16.1. Amazon.com

16.2. E-bay

16.3. Kalahari.net

17. Social network services

17.1. Instant messaging

17.2. E-Mail

17.2.1. Enable business to communicate with others

17.2.2. For better access of knowledge

17.2.3. Share information and other work related ideas and files

18. Mindmeister

18.1. Mindmapping

19. New node

20. New node