salvation 救恩

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salvation 救恩 作者: Mind Map: salvation 救恩

1. from what 從什麼?

1.1. theoretically 理論上

1.1.1. knowing separation from god 認知與分離神

1.1.2. only escape the evil 只想擺脫邪惡

1.2. practically 實際上

1.2.1. pain of life 痛苦的生命 lack of love 缺少愛 evil 邪惡 misfortune 不幸的

1.2.2. death 死亡 biological death 生理的死亡 spiritual death 靈性的死亡

1.2.3. separation of each other 彼此的分離

1.2.4. sins 罪

1.2.5. hell 地獄

2. positive meaning 積極的意思

2.1. union & love 合一和愛

2.1.1. with god 與神

2.1.2. with our beloved ones 我們的摯愛

2.1.3. all human beings 全人類

2.1.4. all universe 全宇宙

2.2. live for ever 永遠活著

2.2.1. life is the union with god 生命是與神合一

2.2.2. life is not based on our health, or self existence 生命不是建立於我們的健康,或自我的存在

2.3. paradise 樂園

2.3.1. Jesus the Land of the living 耶穌是生命之地

3. negative views 消極的觀點

3.1. judicial 司法

3.1.1. god is offended 上帝被冒犯 god needs blood 上帝需要血

3.1.2. we are condemned because of the original sin 我們被判罪因為原罪 1 John 4:10不是我們愛上帝,而是上帝愛我們, 派自己的兒子來做替我們贖罪的祭品-這就是愛

3.2. salvation= i do not go to hell 救恩=我沒有下到地獄

3.2.1. you go where 你到哪去?

3.2.2. when 何時?

3.3. individualistic 個人主義

3.3.1. it is wrong to think that you are saved because you ONLY believe to Jesus 錯誤的觀點:你得救只因你相信耶穌 salvation = to become member of the church, by the sacraments, and live with love and repentance 拯救=成為教會的成員,藉由教會聖事,活在愛和悔改中 individuality is separation, is hell 個人主義就是分離,是地獄 we must care also for the salvation of the others 我們必須關懷因為救恩也為他人 i am a member of the others 我是屬於他者的一員

4. redemption is not EXACTLY the same as salvation 贖回與救恩是不相同的

4.1. redemption 贖回

4.1.1. medicine 醫藥 salvation 救恩 i can live with god 我的生命倚靠上帝 Jesus is the medicine 耶穌就是良藥 sin=virus 罪= 病毒 Jesus takes all the sin(virus) of the world and kills it by his blood on the cross 耶穌將世界所有病毒消滅因他在十字架的血

4.1.2. God’s solidarity with humankind and especially those in need 上帝休戚與共特別是需要他的這些人

4.1.3. redemption in greek =cure, release, get free. 救贖在希臘文=醫治,釋放,得到自由 Jesus did not pay to anybody for our sins 耶穌並沒有為我們的罪付出代價給任何人 the greek word redemption is in 在希臘字救贖在聖經 Luke 1:68 , acts 7:35, Col 1:14 , Hebr 11:35, 1Pet 1:18

4.2. justification in bible means union with god 稱義在聖經的意思是與神合一

4.2.1. justification does not mean that i am not guilty in some court (god 's court) 稱義並不等於我沒有罪在法院上(上帝的法庭)

5. who needs 誰需要 ?

5.1. humans 人類

5.2. all universe 全宇宙

5.2.1. ecology 生態學

6. I care for salvation 我在乎救恩

6.1. for the others 為他者

6.2. for the universe 為宇宙

6.3. for myself 為我自己

7. is not yet complete; it is a movement toward the future 尚未完全成就,這是一個動態朝向未來