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Polytechnics 作者: Mind Map: Polytechnics

1. SP (School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology)

1.1. S69 Information Technology

1.1.1. Solutions Development Option (Year 2) Software Design Elective Track Data Structures and Algorithms using C++ Advanced Java Programming Multi-Player Online Games Information Security Elective Track Network Security Computer Forensics Interaction Design Elective Track User Interface Design Geospatial Visualization Business Management Solutions Elective Track Accounting Information Systems Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management Business Analytics

1.1.2. Game Development Option (Year 2)

1.2. S54 Infocomm Security Management

1.3. S82 Business Information Technology

1.4. S97 Music & Audio Technology (Media and Design)

1.5. S39 Visual Effects & Motion Graphics (Media and Design)

2. TP (School of Informatics & IT)

2.1. T30 Information Technology

2.1.1. Business Analytics Elective Business Intelligence Systems Customer Relationship Management & Analytics Web Analytics

2.1.2. Project Management Elective IT Project Management IT Service Desk Management IT Governance & Service Management

2.2. T60 Big Data Management & Governance

2.3. T57 Business Intelligence & Analytics

2.4. T15 Cyber & Digital Security

2.5. T55 Digital Forensics

2.6. T17 Financial Business Informatics

2.7. T58 Game Design & Development

2.8. T42 Mobile & Network Services

3. RP (School of Infocomm)

3.1. R12 Information Technology

3.2. R18 Diploma in Business Applications

3.3. R13 Diploma in Business Information Systems

3.4. R31 Diploma in Interactive and Digital Media

3.5. R23 Diploma in IT Service Management

3.6. R47 Diploma in Mobile Software Development

3.7. R55 Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (New)

4. NP (School of Infocomm Technology)

4.1. N54 Information Technology

4.1.1. Games Programming (New)

4.1.2. Business & Data Analytics Big Data Business Analytics Business Intelligence Cloud-Based Business Analytics Data Visualization Predictive Analytics Quantitative Analysis

4.1.3. Business Management

4.1.4. Cloud Computing

4.1.5. Infocomm Sales & Marketing

4.1.6. Mobile Business Application

4.1.7. Solutions Architect

4.2. N94 Information Security & Forensics (New)

4.3. N81 Financial Informatics

4.4. N92 Animation & 3D Arts

4.5. N55 Multimedia & Animation

5. NYP (School of Information Technology)

5.1. C85 Information Technology

5.1.1. Social Media

5.1.2. Digital Entertainment

5.1.3. Information Security & Forensics

5.1.4. Geospatial & Mobile Innovation