Engelsk B, Sagprosaopgave

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Engelsk B, Sagprosaopgave 作者: Mind Map: Engelsk B, Sagprosaopgave

1. Redegørende opgave

1.1. En sætning der introducerer det overordnede emne

1.1.1. [Education] Every country in the world wants an educational system that gives value for money, but what form of pedagogy will give us that?

1.1.2. [Race]Since the American constitution was written, race has been a controversial issue in the US.

1.1.3. [Religion] We alle believe in the right to choose one''s own faith, but are all religions compatible with democracy?

1.1.4. [Health&fitness] We all know that we should exercise and eat healthily, but now some research suggests that it could all be a case of too much of a good thing.

1.2. Vendinger der introducerer teksterne og det overordnede emne

1.2.1. The texts A by X, B, by Y and C by Z all focus on......... deal with.... discuss...... debate..... present views on......

1.3. Vendinger der introducerer et synspunkt

1.3.1. X argues that....

1.3.2. Y says that....

1.3.3. Z claims that....

1.3.4. X believes that...

1.3.5. Y complains that....

1.3.6. Z questions whether.....

1.3.7. X urges us to......

1.3.8. Y observes that.....

1.3.9. Z criticizes that.....

1.3.10. The central point in A is......

1.4. Vendinger der bygger bro til en tekst med et helt andet synspunkt

1.4.1. In contrast......

1.4.2. As opposed to X, Y argues that....

1.4.3. Y's view is completely different.

1.4.4. Y's perspective is completely different

1.4.5. In Z by C we find a stark contrast to X's views.

1.4.6. Z strongly disagrees

1.5. Vendinger der bygger bro til en tekst der delvist har et andet synspunkt

1.5.1. Up to a point, Y agrees with X but........

1.5.2. Similarly, Y belives that__________, but on the other hand she also claims that......

1.5.3. In continuation of X's argument, Y claims that___________but_______

1.5.4. Though Y agrees that________, she also says that_________

1.6. Vendinger der bygger bro til en tekst med sammenligneligt synspunkt

1.6.1. Y's view is largely similar, but she also_________

1.6.2. By and large, Y agrees, but her perspective is slightly different in that________

1.6.3. Generally speaking, X and Y agree, but________

1.6.4. To this, Y contributes with_________

1.6.5. Although Y must be said to agree with X, she also_______

1.6.6. Y and X might no agree completely but_______

1.6.7. At first glance, Y's views seem different, but_______

1.6.8. At first glance, Y's views seem similar, but__________

2. Diskuterende opgave

2.1. At tage udgangspunkt i en tekst

2.1.1. Up to a point, I agree with X when she says that________

2.1.2. My immediate instinct is to disagree with X when she argues that_________

2.1.3. X seems very convincing when he claims that_________

2.1.4. To some, it might be surprising / provocative when Y asserts that______

2.2. Objektiv introduktion af andre synspunkter

2.2.1. Others would argue that______

2.2.2. On the other hand, it could be argued that_______

2.2.3. Some would say that_______

2.2.4. It could be objected that______

2.2.5. A counter-argument could be__________

2.2.6. Many will probably disagree with the view that_______

2.3. Introduktion af den subjektive vinkel

2.3.1. It seems to me that__________

2.3.2. Personally,_________

2.3.3. My feelings on the issue are mixed.

2.3.4. Though I concede that_________I still insist that_________

3. Analyserende opgave

3.1. Find forskellige aspekter af det analytiske emne

3.1.1. Find citater til aspekt 1

3.1.2. Til aspekt 2

3.1.3. Til aspekt n

3.2. Introducer det analytiske emne i din tekst

3.3. Gennemgå dine aspekter

3.3.1. Præsenter aspektet

3.3.2. Introducer citat

3.3.3. Efterbehandling og forklaring af effekt

3.3.4. Evt flere citater

3.3.5. Afrunding

3.3.6. Videre til næste aspekt

3.4. Præsenter afrunding på det analytiske arbejde