Positive/Negative Characters in Unwind

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Positive/Negative Characters in Unwind 作者: Mind Map: Positive/Negative Characters in Unwind

1. Connor

1.1. Connor is portrayed as a positive character because he was the first one to stand up for what he believed. He sparked the revolution in the eyes on Risa and Lev. They both had to be led by example and didn't have the courage to do it for themselves but after they saw that Connor had the nerve to stand up for himself, they realized that they could do it too.

2. Risa

2.1. Risa is portrayed as a positive character to the reader because most of them would agree with her mission and her message that she was trying to get across. She disagreed with the unwinding of children and she stood up for her beliefs and that is what most people encourage everyone to do, stand up for their beliefs if it means a lot to them.

3. Lev

3.1. I consider Lev to be a negative character in the novel Unwind. He purposefuly sabotaged two of the positive characters in the novel. He almost got Connor and Risa, the main positive characters in the novel, and almost got both of them killed.

4. Roland

4.1. Roland is portrayed as a negative character because he was violent and abusive toward the people considered to be positive character. Whenever the positive characters are harmed in any way, the ones who did it are automatically considered to be negative for harming a good person. When Roland began to target Connor and Risa, he became one of the "bad guys" of the books.