MhQ Product Launch

马上开始. 它是免费的哦
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MhQ Product Launch 作者: Mind Map: MhQ Product Launch

1. Clients Support

1.1. Customer journey

1.1.1. Registration

1.1.2. E-mail verification

1.1.3. Profile enrichment

1.1.4. Payment details enrichment

1.1.5. Questionaring

1.1.6. Device\App classification

1.1.7. Billing

1.1.8. Payments processing

1.2. E-mail campaigns

1.2.1. Welcome campaign

1.2.2. Reactivation letters

1.3. Payments processing and renewals flow

1.4. Complience

2. Development

3. Sales strategy

3.1. Waterholes

3.1.1. Angel & Venture Capital channels

3.1.2. Business Accelerators and University Tech Transfers

3.1.3. App Store Access AppStore Products adaptation to platform Play Market Products adaptation to platform Windows Products adaptation to platform

3.1.4. Forums, clusters & communities MEDICA Nov 14-17 (Dusseldorf WoHIT Nov 20-21

3.1.5. Certified Partners

3.2. "Elephants" cliets segments

3.2.1. "D" Domain

3.2.2. "T" Technology

3.2.3. "C" Capital

3.3. "Baits" Marketing

3.3.1. Website Home Page Content Page Products Page Pathfinder MQS Pricing Page Support details Contacts detals

3.3.2. Digital marketing Analytics Google Analytics No Advertising Googles ads Yandex No

3.3.3. PR Special Mass Media Clients case studies and recommendations Bloogs

3.3.4. POSM materials Company booklet Sales kit for partners Product booklet Leaflet

3.3.5. Digital materials Corporate brochure Price table